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What is Milk Checker N-4L


Milk checker is handy type instrument for cows to measure the electrical conductivity of milk in quarters of udder and to detect mastitis.When inflammation or other mammary disorders occurs, plasma constituents may exudate and cause changes in concentration of electrolytes contained in cow milk such as Na+, CL-, etc. A rise in sodium and chloride content results in increased electrical conductivity in the milk.Milk Checker is based on this principle and can detect abnormalities in the udders quickly and accurately by measuring electrical conductivity of milk.

Milk Checker is very helpful to dairy farmers abnormal milk caused by mastitis can be accurately detected by computerized mechanism.


Because it is easy and simple to handle and the results can be quickly determined.


By the diagnostic method on the new principle different from conventional method, abnormal milk can be detected in earlier stage.


Detection results are displayed for all of the quarters of the udder at the same time. The results of the difference between quartes of the udder can also be displayed.




Clinical mastitis can be easily detected because "kernels" are found in milk or various changes occure in udder. However it is very difficult to detect latent or subclinical mastitis by visual inspection.


It is occur by 15-40 times more prevalent than clinical mastitis.

It usually precedes clinical mastitis.

It is of long duration.

It causes reduction in milk production and also adversely affects milk quality. (W.N.Philpot)




Decrease of milk quantity caused by subclical mastitis occupies 70% of total economic loss due to mastitis. Without being aware this disease causes considerable loss to dairy farmers.

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What is Sublinicala Mastitis?

Economic Loss Due to Mastitis

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