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What is Cow Preg ?


It's a milk progesterone based test, just need few drops of milk sample, testing is easy, quick, accurate, embryo safe, and quality assured.

No blood sample, no lab testing, no waiting, no vet required, no extra device required!


You can test by yourself at your farm location in just 5 minutes.

Why Cow Preg ?


•Poor reproductive performance is one of the most costly and difficult problems for dairy and livestock producers.

•Even in some well-managed herds, reproductive failure continues to be one of the primary reasons why cows are culled.

•Depending on the level of milk production in the herd and variable costs associated with poor reproductive management, a dairy producer loses between $1 to $3 per cow each day the cow is open (not pregnant) beyond the 90 days post-calving.

•Inaccurate or inefficient heat detection is still the major cause of low conception rates and long calving intervals. But there is a tool to help herd managers and veterinarians troubleshoot causes of poor reproductive performance—especially problems associated with heat detection.

•The tool is milk or blood progesterone analysis.

•Milk samples have been tested by scientists for many years to monitor progesterone levels in cattle.

•Thus, we manufacture this test kit to help the farmer/dairy owner to increase their reproductive management and profitability.



Identify "open cows" as early as 23 days post Insemination

Reduce costly "Days Open"

Reduce calving intervals

Increase conception rates by making a better breeding decision

Screen for ovarian dysfunction

Improve an embryo transfer practice

Eliminate all guess work from qualitative tests

Intended Use

•The concentration of progesterone in blood and in milk is in accordance with the reproductive cycle of the individual female.

•Progesterone(P4) is a steroid hormone and regulates ovulation in female mammals.

•When items related to reproduction need to be addressed, an assay of progesterone is often the method of choice.

•In the dairy industry, progesterone tests in bovine milk are used as a non-invasive method for determination of the reproductive status of the cow.  •To minimize user handling, the format of a dry reagent assay is chosen. This format can be automated, gives results fast, and investments anddisposables are low-cost.

•These requirements are obligatory as preferably these test are performed at every milking.

•If cow conceive, the progesterone present in high peak from day18 ~day22, then detect pregnancy at this period to get result fast and reliable.

How To Use

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